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Je Suis NYC | African Fashion Designer

The Designer


Fashion is more than the act of putting pieces together. But more so, the ability to tell stories that bridge culture and invokes feeling. From an early age, Senami Atinkpahoun knew fashion was her calling. Born and raised in Benin Republic. At the tender age of 4, Senami and her family relocated to New York City. Her love for fashion led her to the High School of Fashion Industries where she attended and graduated.

While attending high school, Atinkpahoun created a clothing line Je Suis (I Am), which mirrors her much coveted luxe African style. At 23, Senami Atinkpahoun is a graduate of City College New York in Manhattan. Though education was very important to her, Senami also took hold of gaining industry experience through internships and working at Bebenoir boutique in Harlem. Her clothing line Je Suis is fitting, as she is so closely identified with the importance of individuality. Drawing inspiration from her native country of Benin Republic, every bit of detail counts from the cut, fabric, shapes, and silhouettes. 

The fact that I am skilled and interested in so many fields makes me a stronger and well-rounded person. In an industry of very little accommodation, Senami makes her mission to provide the look, feel, sizes and luxury not always made available for the average woman. Her distinct designs, has bred from her ability to recognize and shape trends, something which has made her highly sought after by industry pundits and fans alike. The most invigorating thing about Senami is the lane she’s created while being herself. It's a soft spoken triumph for African creatives, that she has been so successful without having to compromise herself or identity. She emanates an introspective confidence that doesn't rely on the watering culture to drum up buzz.